Search Engine Optimisation

Is all about good content, clean code, links/social recommendations and trust. Having an Optimised Website helps boost traffic, Simple. But is it really that simple?

Using various methods and techniques it is possible to place highly in search engine rankings. Some of these methods are time consuming whereas some are easy, combining as many of them as possible to give your website the best chance of self-promotion is the best way about it. Ultimately the aim of the game is to help promote your website and make it visible to potential clients. There are two key ways in how this is achieved. One, Organic results which are basically the free ones, require a little more time and effort and are the basis to which Yoba mainly focuses on. Two, Paid results which generally are a quick and easy way of getting traffic providing the right search terms are used but command a higher price, good if this isn’t a factor. Here at Yoba, we specialise in making websites succeed focusing our efforts of certain tactics both known to the world and secret to us to give the advantage of beating the competition. After all gaining new business is an important factor in the current economic climate. We optimize websites to make search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo drive more traffic to your web site organically or ‘un-paid’ if you like. We focus our SEO techniques into two categories;

On-page SEO

‘which is all the elements that are on your website’ Some of these include; – Content is king, relative & unique content is the key here – Title & meta tags, there to help describe and influence your page – Image alt tags, so search engine get a text description of all your images – Internal Links, a good link strategy so everyone can find their way around and feel at home – Keywords, the words that make you relevant to your business

Off-page SEO

‘which is everything on everyone else’s websites’ Some of these include; – Backlinks, think of these as recommendation to your website – Keyword research, alternative keywords and keywords competitors are using – Directory submission & Local listings all count to a good strategy – Social Media, think Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In & Foursquare etc   Our SEO services include, but not limited to; Search engine submission, Website Audits, Keyword research, Content Article creation, Local search placement, Keyword ranking reports, Visitor traffic reports, Title & meta optimisation, Website information architecture, Social media marketing, Link building, Online reputation management, Social media presence, E-commerce store optimisation and online advertising campaigns. We have various packages which cater for all business sizes large and small and offer very reasonable pricing with no contracts. Contact us now for more info.